Creating the Painting
"White Flowers on a Table"
Charles Kaufman art and paintings
"White Flowers on a Table"
by Charles Kaufman

23.6 x 35.4 inches
60 x 90 cm
Acrylic paints on canvas.

For a few days I had been bouncing around ideas in my head about a few still life paintings with bouqets of flowers in them to create and experiment with.
One of the ideas was to sketch a large bouqet of whitish-colored flowers in a face.
I sketched out a couple of ideas (see one below) and then started working on the painting "White Flowers in a Vase".

Art and Paintings by Charles Kaufman-"Cactus on a Table",fine art

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"White Flowers on a Table".
Click on the graphics to see larger views.
Art and Paintings by Charles Kaufman-"Cactus on a Table" Art and Paintings by Charles Kaufman-"Cactus on a Table" Art and Paintings by Charles Kaufman-"Cactus on a Table"
Art and Paintings by Charles Kaufman-"Cactus on a Table"
fine art
Some notes on creating the painting:
- I had no real color scheme thought out for the painting other than I knew I wanted the flowers to be whitish, beige, pink.

- Initially, the flower vase was a lighter ocrhe coloring, but there was not enough contrast in
the painting so I made it darker, almost black. (Although I did not use any black paint.)

- I used larger sized paint brushes on this painting than I normally would. Mostly size 16 paintbrushes & larger, whereas on other paintings the average brush size is more a 12.

- Usually when I create a paintings I paint in the outlines first, then paint the rest. This time I painted the outlines in last and using only Raw Umbra paint color; maybe some Prussian Blue with it.

- The background has only verticle brushstrokes in it and the table the flowers are sitting on only has horizontal brush strokes.
Two of the paintbrushes I used for most of the painting.
The initials sketch idea for the painting from my sketch book.
Click to see a larger view of the sketch.
The paints used in the creation of the painting.

From top, left - right:
- Sky Blue Light
- Prussian blue
- Greyish Blue
- Raw Umbra
- Royal Blue
- Brown Ochre
- Napels Yellow
- Venetian Rose
- Sand
- Flesh
- Buff Titanium
- Titanium White
- Yellow Ochre

fine art,Colorful art and Paintings by Charles Kaufman-"White Flowers on a Table"
As I sketched in the flowers on the blank canvas, I decided that I would do two paintings based on this design. The first painting would have flowers with petals that were pointed at the end and later I would do another painting with flowers with more rounded petals like seen in the initial sketch.
Colorful art and Paintings by Charles Kaufman-"White Flowers on a Table",fine art
Charles Kaufman adding finishing touches on the painting.
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