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The Art of
Charles Kaufman.

Art review by Lou Simeone
Editor, Illustration Pages

The work of artist Charles Kaufman isn't restricted by common, everyday thinking. Charles paints any subject he wishes on any surface he desires. Unconventional and bursting with imagination the subject matter of his paintings range from woman and wine bottles to surrealistic toasters in the wild to wacky characters at organ factories.

Charles is fearless in his approach to art. He'll create his art on discarded soda cans and carved wood as well as the traditional canvas. It's as if he has so many ideas of things to paint; they explode on to any surface available.

However don't be fooled by the playfulness of his subject matter or his choice of rustic materials on to which his art is applied. Charles Kaufman is very serious about his work. He has two published books about his art with a third one soon to be released. On his website he offers an insightful view on how he layers paint on canvas. He also provides a look at his beginning sketches along side the finished paintings accompanied by brief explanations of his process.

Charles Kaufman possesses a true artist's spirit, innocent playfulness, the boldness to experiment, and a unique view of the world, all applied with a distinctive style.

Wouldn't you agree that these are important qualities to have as an artist?

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New Art Books
"Five Hundred and Forty Women", New Art book by Charles Kaufman
New Art Book by Charles Kaufman.
246 pages.
Now available.
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"Detail Views"

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"The Land of the Giant Toasters"

Latest freelance illustration catalog:
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Illustration Agent in Europe: dieKLEINERT, Munich, Germany.

Illustration Agent in USA:
Kohrs Images, Virginia.

Stock Illustrations available via: Mauritius Images, Worldwide.

Charles Kaufman is an American artist with art studios in the U.S. and Germany.

After creating freelance cartoons & illustrations for many years and working as the Creative Director in an ad agency, Kaufman picked up the paintbrush to start painting. He has been painting and exhibiting his work fulltime since 1995.

His original paintings and other works of art are exhibited in galleries and other venues in the United States and in Europe.

Charles Kaufman is an American artist with art studios in the U.S. and Germany

A few of the publications that Charles Kaufman has contributed illustrations and comics:

Magzines & Newspapers:
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(wrote How-to animation article, created art and animations for CD), Wall Street Journal-Europe, Cover of Focus magazine:
kaufman,art,fine art,paintings, magazine, illustration
Psychologie Heute, Punch, PC Professionell, MacFormat, FinanzTest, Manager Magazin,

Süddeutsche Zeitung, Tchibo magazine, TopHair, abendture & reisen, pablo, New Media, CineChart, MacMagazine, CARtoons,

Familie & Computer, Eltern for family, Computer Artist, Digital Video, Schöner Wohnen, Zuhause Wohnen, Der Kunst Handel, Rip Off Comix, The Islander, Easy Rider, Wohn Idee, Auto Week, The Oregonian, U-Comix,
British Humor Magazine Punch, Soldier of Fortune, Werben & Verkauf, Meier, einstein magazin, Rhein-Neckar Zeitung, Stadtblatt, Heidelberg Aktuell, The Stars & Stripes, Kultur Kaleidiskop, Neue Wohnen, Editor & Publisher, The Portland Enquirer, Downtowner, Oregon Business, Car Review, Art Shop International, Overseas!, "Why Didn't I Think of That" Comics,

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Passagen, Heidelberg Journal, Hamburger Abendblatt, Oregon State University Barometer, Willamette Week, Vinomania. And more!
My business cartoons were syndicated worldwide by Singer Syndicate.


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Frequently Asked Questions about my art:
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A few photos from the press:
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My work in Art magazines:
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See my Crushed Can Art here!
Crushed Can Artcrushed can art
Lots and lots of links on Google to my Crushed Can Art
Idea Fixa
Five to Nine.

Stefanie Tücking,charles kaufman, art
Radio and Television host, Stefanie Tücking, at Charles Kaufman art exhibiton.

Charles Kaufman fine art, paintings
Beer glass of the Year in Europe.
Art work by Charles Kaufman

(Above Mikhail Gorbachev at Charles Kaufman art show in Berlin.)

Charles Kaufman creates Game Board and Poster Illustrations for McDonalds
charles kaufman illustration, art, Charles Kaufman creates Game Board and Poster Illustrations for McDonalds
marketing campaign in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

7th Dutch Cartoon Festival Amsteveleen, Holland. (Cartoon part of permanent collection.)

18th Angouleme-International Salon of Cartoons, Angouleme Cedex, France. (Cartoon part of permanent collection.)

Original cartoons included in the Ohio State University (USA) Graphic & Cartoon Center Museum archives.

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Flash 5 Cartooning, Art Nürnberg, Financial Accounting Theory, Ski Europe (6 annual books)
books illustrated by Charles Kaufman
Whole Europe Escape Manual: England, Whole Europe Escape Manual: Germany, Whole Europe Escape Manual: France.
Rekken En Strekken - Netherland's Cartoon Festival Winner's Book .
"Literature, Grade 10" from Houghton, Mifflin, Harcourt Publishers .

Stationed In Germany with Fred and Frank : A collection of 4 (out of 11) years of Fred and Frank comics.
Fred and Frank cartoons,Kaufman,cartoon, comic
(The Fred and Frank comics was one of the longest running and most popular cartoons of its type in Europe.)

charles kaufman, illustration

Art for book: "Mail Me Art"

Designed Medallion for the city of Braunschweig, with the oldest Karneval Fasching organization in Germany.
Charles Kaufman Designed Medallion for the city of Braunschweig, with the oldest Karneval Fasching organization in Germany
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Created art work for official poster international New Pop Music Festival in Baden-Baden Germany.

Winner Fractal Design Painter software computer artist prize in Germany.

Special Prize winnerWeldebrau Art contest.

Paintings were used in the popular German television series, "Die Fallers"

Exclusive Wine Art Exhibition at the ProWein Tradefair - Dusseldorf, Germany
WeinSensorium Dusseldorf, Germany
Heidelberg, Germany Art Weekend .

Plus: Illustration work for many advertising agencies in Europe and the US --- including clients such as McDonalds, Hewlett Packard, Nissan, Nations Bank, Bank of Paris, Toyota, Hermstedt and American Express.

Commissioned by McDonalds to create original paintings for the walls of their restaurant at the Stuttgart, Germany International Airport.

Kaufman, underground, comix, comics
Part of the ground-breaking Underground comix scene, Charles Kaufman's comics appeared in the cult publication "Rip Off Comix"

Charles Kaufman Designed Medallion for the city of Braunschweig, with the oldest Karneval Fasching organization in Germany
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Samples of Short Animations
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New in Argentina!
Charles Kaufman's painting selected for new art book, "Göooo 7", published in Argentina.
More photos
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New in Brazil!
Charles Kaufman's painting selected for new art book, "ideafixa´s Greatest Hits ", published in Brazil. More information
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